Our Team

Jeremy Hitchcock Founder & CEO

Jeremy Hitchcock
Founder & CEO

Denis Bakin Engineering

Denis Bakin

Brian Kline Founder & COO

Brian Kline
Founder & COO

Deo Mwano Program Manager

Deo Mwano
Program Manager

Dave Casinghino Engineering

Dave Casinghino

Alec Rooney VP Engineering

Alec Rooney
VP Engineering

Peter Fry Engineering

Peter Fry

Alexandra Bye Marketing

Alexandra Bye

Brent Levetan VP Business Development

Brent Levetan
VP Business Development

Zack Mattor Engineering

Zack Mattor


About Minim

Minim was founded in 2017 by Jeremy Hitchcock.  Jeremy was inspired to start Minim after the massive 2016 botnet attack against Dyn, the company he co-founded.  The source of the attack was common connected home devices, such as webcams, that were compromised due to a lack of basic security capabilities. 

Minim recognizes that increasingly complex and unsecure home networks pose management and security challenges to consumers and service providers. As consumers bring more devices into their homes and require higher performance to support applications, such as 4K video, these challenges will only continue to grow.

Minim was created to address the current and future challenges of managing and securing the home network.