Friends & Family Beta

No need to be an expert, we can help!


Don't be shy. Call us for your home IoT support needs. 

IoT Security

Minim strengthens your network-scanning and solves IoT threats in real time. 

Minim App

Manage parental controls, Wi-Fi and specific devices on your network with the Minim App. Spot slow devices and optimize speeds anytime, anywhere. 


Help us help you

  • Give us feedback when you think of it. 
  • Participate in a two-part survey, one during the middle of the beta and another at the end. 
  • Beta means you are part of an exclusive group using our technology. You get early access to our product features. 

What to expect

  • In a week or two, we will send you a gateway router with setup instructions. (You can also call us to walk you through setup).
  • Install the IOS/ Android app.
  • Manage your home!