Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are the first call for most consumers when they are having trouble with their home network. Today, there are about 7 devices per home, and home Wi-Fi issues are the top internet-related call driver. Your customers are starting to bring a whole new class of devices home, including connected cameras, speakers, appliances and door locks. While the manufacturers of these devices promised simplicity, the fact is, customers will struggle to make them work reliably and securely.

Today’s support tools lack the necessary visibility, analytics, and intelligence to support the home network. Minim’s Customer Care Portal provides the right data and insights to troubleshoot most common home networking calls. With advanced device recognition and a simple user interface, Minim will help you shorten call handle times and support your customers better.  Minim’s mobile self-care app can empower your customers to solve their own issues and avoid support calls altogether.

Reduce Cost and Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Reduced operational costs through diagnosing and fixing more issues remotely

  • Drive superior back-office analytics through better subscriber context

  • Simple UI focuses on the top call drivers and shortens call handle time

  • Self-care app to avoid calls and customer frustration

Position Support Team to Address Future Challenges

  • Best-in-class device identification to troubleshoot IoT issues

  • Surface security issues to harden critical infrastructure

  • Embedded security to avoid exposing vulnerabilities in customer and service provider networks

Technology Support Providers

Many home and small business networks are getting too complicated to self-manage and customers are looking for outside expertise.  Local technology support businesses are trusted experts, and customers want your help. Providing support often means going to the customer’s location, which takes time and is expensive.  Minim’s remote support portal allows you to diagnose issues in your customer’s network and make changes from anywhere.  Minim allows you to provide a new service level to increase revenue and customer loyalty.

Deploy Features and Services Continuously

  • Create new revenue opportunities with a remote support offering
  • Embedded security to protect your customers from online threats

IoT Catalog, Device ID, and IoT Security

The number of connected devices will be 30 billion over the next 5 years.  Many of those devices are unmanaged appliances that consumers will purchase and install in their home. Tap into our catalog of devices to build new products and services based on our IoT understanding.

Develop applications through understanding IoT devices

  • Identify and categorize connected devices quickly and accurately
  • Recommend different Wi-Fi bands or channels (5Ghz or see channel congestion and verify 4k-video performance) to improve network performance
  • Discover adverse interactions between wireless devices
  • Identify devices which are vulnerable, targeted, or infected by malware or security exploits