Home Network Management and Security

Embedded security to avoid exposing vulnerabilities in customer and service provider networks

  • Extend network management into a home and see real-time Wi-Fi speeds and bandwidth capabilities
  • Alerts when new devices join the network
  • Alerts when devices have vulnerable software/bugs
  • Identify at-risk devices based on device settings and known attacks
  • Advanced device fingerprinting and identification


Customer Care Portal

Simplicity | Customer Empathy | Triage

  • Focused on the top call drivers and reducing call handle times
  • Enables care reps to build empathy for customers and how they use their home networks
  • Shorten call times by isolating root causes of call queries
  • Reduce in-person support/truck rolls by better remote problem solving
  • Simple, intuitive and designed to triage customer issues quickly


Consumer and Mobile App

Easy to use customer phone app, compatible with Android and Apple devices

  • Tier-0 self-care and self-management capabilities
  • Shows customers and care reps the same information
  • Parental controls focused on usability over complexity

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