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An AI-driven WiFi management and smart home security platform so stuff just works.

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Residential managed WiFi
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Device fingerprinting

Minim dynamically develops a behavioral model for all connected devices, making sure they play nice. 

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WiFi management

With our mobile and web app, homes and their service providers can make WiFi better, together. 

Security and control

Security and control

We're for family and friends, not hackers. Minim makes it easy to secure and manage home networks.

Easy deployment

At the end of the day, deploying Minim was extremely easy. I would recommend [Minim] 10 out of 10 times.”

Dan White, Network and Engineering Operations Manager, KPU Telecommunications
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The latest at Minim

Minim IoT security on the couch

Keeping things friendly

The world will have 20 billion connected devices by 2020. Minim makes sure they play nice.

houses represent Minim IoT security in the neighborhood

Helping ISPs help customers

Provide better remote support and reduce truckrolls with real-time network tools and analytics.

Computer with Minim IoT for the channel

Partnering with support services

Deliver a simply smart network management and security solution to homes and offices. 

Secure router in home

Enhancing routers

Add our agent to your routers, unlocking new network management and security features.

Minim WiFi management

Partnering with IoT makers

Gain insights on your device performance alongside others and help make the connected world a better place.

Minim mobile app

Making WiFi better

Boost your home network performance and protect your connected devices, all in a simple mobile app.