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Our purpose

Minim® is an IoT platform that enables and secures a better connected home. In a world where connected devices have outnumbered people, Minim’s self-learning platform employs proprietary fingerprinting and behavioral models to detect threats before they become problems. Founded in 2017, Minim offers usable apps for consumers and their service providers to protect connected devices and optimize WiFi performance, leading to higher revenue and lower customer support costs. The company is now partnering with ISPs, managed service providers, distributed businesses, and device manufacturers who want to help make home connectivity as safe and reliable as drinking water.

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Our origin

On October 21, 2016, over 600,000 insecure webcams and other devices joined the Mirai botnet, unbeknownst to the device owners. Mirai attacked an internet performance management company, Dyn, which was cofounded and led by Jeremy Hitchcock. The botnet took down Dyn and, consequently, popular services like GitHub, Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, and Airbnb— huge swaths of the internet. It made the evening news, and Jeremy wanted to do something about it.  "What's crazy to me is that enterprise security and network management techniques have not migrated to the consumer networking space in the last decade," said Jeremy in his blog, Why Minim. And so, Minim was born. It is a sweet revenge story— but also a story about how we all deserve safe, reliable internet at home. Minim set out to help broadband service providers deliver just that.

Our team

Minim is led by a seasoned team of networking and security non-robots

Jeremy Hitchcock


Gray Chynoweth


Nicole Zheng


Alec Rooney


Liz Hitchcock


David Aronoff


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Our values

Team diversity makes us stronger, granting us varied perspectives to solve problems and empathize with our customers. Minimers look for every opportunity to diversify our team and cultivate an inclusive culture. We come together on these core values:
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We must be able to count on the technology that wakes us up, warms our home, and entertains our children. It's positively important.
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We strive for a world where everything is so simple, it's automated. 
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We love being out in front of technology curves, hackers, competitors, and a good joke, We like being first, and we're a playful bunch. 
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