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Minim feature spotlight: Neighboring Access Points

At Minim, we care about simplifying and enhancing the user experience. As such, many of the features we provide on our residential managed WiFi platform are a direct result of the feedback we receive from service providers. One of these features is Neighboring Access Points— a tool to use when troubleshooting network performance issues in subscriber homes.

Using Neighboring Access Points on the Minim platform


With this tool, service providers can see real-time data for all of the access points within range of a home's router. We break down the number of neighboring access points for each WiFi frequency band the router may be operating on: 2.4 GHz and/ 5 GHz.

In the Minim Care Portal, service providers can easily view this information by navigating to the Router Settings tab and clicking on "View neighboring access points" under the desired frequency band:

Minim Neighboring Access Points - 2.4 GHz

Minim Neighboring Access Points - 2.4 GHz

Minim Neighboring Access Points - 5 GHz

Minim Neighboring Access Points - 5 GHz


As pictured in the example above, Minim's Neighboring Access Points feature shows both the WiFi channel on which the homes router is currently operating as well as any other access points operating in the same frequency band. Service providers can easily see what channels are congested and problematic for a customer's router to be on. If the service provider finds a customer's router is operating on such a channel, they can remotely change it to operate on a less congested channel.

Wireless signal interference is a common reason for wireless connections to perform poorly. Typically, the steps to resolve are for the end user to manually change their WiFi channel (a cumbersome task for many not familiar with networking equipment) or to identify which of their devices could be hogging bandwidth, and thus, slowing down the network. With Neighboring Access Points, operators can easily resolve network interference problems remotely and improve the home WiFi experience.

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