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Minim feature spotlight: Port Forwarding

As it is our goal at Minim to make home network management simple, we provide tools that make the seemingly cumbersome router configuration tasks easy for operators to do on behalf of their subscribers. One of the router configuration tools within Minim's residential managed WiFi solution is Port Forwarding, which allows operators to manage the port forwards on a particular subscriber's network.

Minim's Port Forwarding tool


Port Forwarding is part of a router's configuration that designates the ports on which a network device should both listen and send traffic. Certain device applications need specific ports open to properly function, which the majority of the time is not known by the subscriber and therefore becomes a problem for their operator to solve. In addition, ensuring Port Forwarding is done correctly is also important as the process is essentially opening up a hole in the firewall to allow the network device to talk to that designated port. 

By navigating to the Router Settings tab in the Minim Care Portal, operators can view, edit, and add new port forwards for a subscriber's connected devices.


Minim Port Forwarding

By selecting the "Add Port Forward" button, operators are given a drop-down that allows them to select a device from that network's connected devices, the desired port number, and finally the protocol (TCP, UDP, or both) that the new port forward should use.


At Minim, we've observed that 50% of repair calls are related to the home's wireless, while the number of connected devices on the home's network is set to outpace more than 10 connected devices in this year alone. This means operators must face the challenges of ensuring their subscriber's quality of experience is top-notch, which requires they have visibility into the network and are able to easily manage router configurations for their subscriber. 

With Minim, operators are given this needed visibility into home networks that allows for more efficient customer support, thus reducing support costs and improving overall customer satisfaction. Minim's Port Forwarding feature is an easy-to-use tool that allows operators to securely configure the subscriber's router to ensure their network devices can properly work. 

In addition to Port Forwarding, Minim also provides the ability for operators to remotely edit the SSID/passphrase and send via text to the subscriber's mobile phone, as well as see the network's neighboring access points and propose a switch to a less crowded channel. With these tools, operators can quickly resolve common support problems and provide a better quality of experience to their subscribers.

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