George Zarebski

How Minim is investing in customer support

When it comes to customer support, managing expectations is one of the most critical things to do to ensure a successful and healthy relationship with the customer. As both the Minim team and Minim customer base grew these past few months, it became increasingly clear that we needed to revisit our support workflow to ensure our customers were getting the answers they needed, quickly.

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Samantha Albano

Minim and Aerez to exhibit at WISPAMERICA 2019

Are you attending WISPAMERICA 2019? We'll see you there In just a few days, Minim and Aerez will be joining the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) for WISPAMERICA 2019, the 7th annual WISPAMERICA show. Taking place in Cincinnati, OH this year, the show is slated to bring in over 90 exhibitors, feature more than 50 interactive sessions, and attract leaders from the fixed ...

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Jeremy Hitchcock

Does Amazon buying Eero mean Amazon Prime Internet is coming?

It's been a month since Amazon announced their acquisition of Eero, and a theory has emerged regarding Amazon's continued quest to own the home network. I would wager that they will someday launch an Amazon Prime Internet Service.

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