Vivian Susko

Child internet safety guide: Utilizing parental controls in the new year

As the holiday gift-giving season comes to an end, many families are welcoming new smart gadgets into their homes. Although these devices are great for convenience and the automation of everyday tasks, it’s important to ensure that there are controls in place to protect your home and family, especially children, from the risks associated with them. Enter the need for parental controls.

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Andy Piggott

Working remotely with kids: tips from a Minim parent

Recently, Minim joined the NH Tech Alliance webinar Going Remote 101 to explore how business can help their employees transition to remote work while maintaining a work-life balance. As the topic of working remotely with kids came up, I thought I'd share some of the strategies that have helped my family to during this time. I hope these tips are helpful and would love to hear what your family is ...

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Nehemiah Blackburn

Introducing Minim's parental controls for content filtering

To further enable ISPs to deliver a simple and secure connected experience to their subscribers, we recently introduced parental controls for content filtering. As an addition to Minim's existing parental controls suite, this new feature gives users control over what internet traffic can make its way onto children's devices.

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Samantha Albano

Digital parenting: 5 ways to use parental controls in the smart home

Understandably, parents are concerned about safe and healthy online practices. Children as young as 6 years old "own" a smartphone, and more than half of children ages 3-18 use the internet at home.  With so many connected devices and streaming services, families face a massive challenge in monitoring screen time and content viewing.  And so, in honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, ...

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