Samantha Albano

Home network security monitoring: IoT security regulations update

As the consumer IoT installed base is expected to reach 13 billion units by 2020, we've seen some noteworthy IoT safety legal movements in the past few months. In this issue of our home network security monitoring series, we provide an update on the latest proposed IoT security regulations.

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Build an IoT hub with Minim Labs and a Raspberry Pi 3 [Guide]

At Minim, we think everyone should have the tools they need to monitor their home wireless network. We just launched Minim Labs, giving everyone the ability to install the Minim agent, known as Unum, on their routers and signup for platform access. Usually, this implies running some variation of OpenWrt on your router, but all you need is a Raspberry Pi and a Minim Labs account (free)!

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Nicole Hayward

Home network security monitoring [November 2018]

In the past few months, we've seen major connected device vulnerabilities make headlines. At Minim, IoT security is always top of mind, so we're kicking off a home network security monitoring series. Take a look at what caught our eye.

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