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A small, dynamic team on a mission

At Minim, we are a small dynamic team focused on changing the world of home network management and security from something that is complicated, boring, and unusable to something that makes homeowners and support people feel like superstars when they use it. You want to work here because:

  • You can take important/typically boring tech and make it usable and elegant
  • You can think as a user and a developer at the same time
  • You like supporting a mission critical, 24/7 system


Open Positions

Product Specialist

You are interested in organizing the chaos of Internet of Things.  Your bookshelf at home is neat (or a complete mess but you know where everything is).  We want your help building a catalog of all things Internet.  Classifying them and cataloging them in many ways - in a table, in a Wiki, a database.

Identify IoT sensors; industrial IoT deployments; embedded systems; IoT application enablement; IoT device and connectivity and others.

Develop new concepts, big ideas, and analytical frameworks to help clients and colleagues understand the shifting IoT landscape and the business opportunities it creates.

Superior listening and critical thinking skills, and ability to speak articulately and think on your feet; a good sense of humor is a major plus.

  • Interested in devices of all sizes and shapes
  • Curiosity about how things work together
  • Empathy for complexity and teaching people
  • Team player, collaborate well with others
  • Interested in organizing a catalogue of devices

Minim Full Stack Engineer

We do agile, we do test driven development (we are proud to have 100% test coverage), we deploy many times per day and we believe in moving fast but having the systems and processes in place to catch errors early before they become big problems. 

Our software stack is based on the following technologies and frameworks:
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Postgres
  • Elasticsearch
  • AWS
  • Docker
Front End:
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Vue.js
Mobile App (Android and iOS):
  • Cordova
  • Ratchet
Router Firmware:
  • Openwrt/LEDE
  • C
  • Embedded Linux

If you think that would be a cool and fun stack to work on… If you like solving hard problems that some people say have no solutions… If you take pride in building devops tools that make the whole team more efficient… If you think networking, especially software defined networking, and security is fun…