The Minim cloud

An AI-driven smart home WiFi management and security platform for service providers

Minim platform

Device fingerprinting

Vital foundation for visibility and control

Minim’s proprietary IoT fingerprinting technology automatically profiles and refines behavioral models for thousands of devices every day. Our extensive connected device database is the foundation for:

  • AI-driven network optimization
  • AI-driven security alerts
  • Customer service playbooks
  • Smart home insights
Device fingerprinting

Open connectivity

Integrates with any router and data source

Minim integrates with any router via an embedded software agent or SDK interface, enabling a unified experience on any hardware in the field— new and old alike. Minim’s lightweight software agent, Unum, is open source and easily built for OpenWrt, RDK and any Linux target. The Minim platform can also consume data sources from TR-69/369.

Open connectivity

Swift deployment

Modular platform for significant savings

Each network is different. Minim's modular platform enables seamless integration with your existing applications and CPE fleet. No forklift upgrades. No rip-and-replace. Skip the months (or even years) to deploy value-added services to the field, and expect results in weeks. Once Minim integrates with your gateways, you'll have access to instant telemetry in the cloud. Whether it’s 1 device or millions.

Fast deployment

People friendly

Makes everyone an expert, overnight

By and large, subscribers are not network administrators or security experts, but they want their devices to simply and safely work. Minim is the first solution provider to treat network operators and consumers as first-class citizens, empowered by synchronized applications that grant network visibility, security, and control. With Minim, you can deliver a world-class managed WiFi user experience, so your subscribers won't need to look elsewhere.

Usable security


Autotunes each unique home network

With varying device combinations, spatial layouts, and usage patterns, each home network is a unique terrarium. Informed by device fingerprinting and monitoring at mass, the Minim cloud applies learnings to autotune and secure each individual home network. On top of the Minim cloud, apps are deployed for human tuning, such as the Minim Care Center and Minim Security Center for operators and Minim Self Care App for subscribers.

Cloud AI intel

Security blanket

Holistic network-level threat protection

Connected devices have outnumbered humans, and they are not protected by legacy security systems. Leveraging Minim, network operators can protect consumers without interfering with operation or compromising privacy. In real time, Minim empowers the home gateway to deploy security rulesets to stop threats, including: botnets, eavesdropping, identity theft, inappropriate content, malware, ransomware, zero-day attacks, rogue devices, phishing, and unpatched devices.

Cloud security