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WISP billing system review: Powercode

To provide guidance to folks interested in starting a WISP, we wanted to shed some light on the WISP tools that help our own customers at Minim manage their businesses. Today's blog highlights another WISP billing system that helps WISPs manage not only their customer billing, but also their ticketing, inventory, installer schedules, customer accounts, and more. Take a look to see if this could be the right billing solution for your WISP.


About Powercode: Features, benefits, and pricing

Powercode is a WISP billing system that has been around for more than 15 years. What's unique about Powercode is that it has a direct relationship to the fixed wireless industry through sister company Bertram Internet. Because of this relationship, Powercode was built with the needs of an actual WISP in mind.


Screenshot taken July 8th, 2019 from Powercode website.

In addition to their flagship customer billing feature (pictured above), the Powercode platform offers:

  • Elevation Profile— A lead qualification tool that helps you quickly determine a potential customer.
  • Network Monitoring— A network visualization tool that lets you monitor your network performance in real time.
  • Customer Portal— A customer service tool that empowers your customers to manage their accounts, including their bills paid & due and services used & requested.
  • Provisioning— A service customization tool that enables you to provision new customer plans across a variety of product options.
  • Scheduling— A technician scheduling tool that makes it easy to track service calls and deploy truck rolls to customer homes.
  • Inventory— A device tracking tool that manages and tracks customer-deployed equipment, and monitors inventory levels.
  • Ticketing— A customer support tool that allows you to keep record of, track, assign, and sort all of your customer interactions and issues.
  • Reports— A built-in reporting system tool that provides easy access to both business reports (e.g., financials) and industry-mandated reports (e.g., Form 477), with options to visualize data in dashboards and build custom reports.

These features make up Powercode's core software suite, which is priced at a monthly license fee based on your number of active subscribers. Some things to note are that Powercode requires no upfront cost and provides pricing flexibility for WISPs who are in the range of 0-249 active subscribers.

Take a look at Powercode's pricing overview, or you can request to see a free demo of the platform for more information. You can also check out Powercode's changelog to learn more about the platform and what software updates they provide.

Learn more about the resources available for WISPs

We hope this WISP billing system review was helpful! But, let's face it— choosing a WISP billing system will be only one of the many tasks required to successfully launch your WISP. To provide some more guidance, we've compiled a list of WISP resources that can help you through this process— Just click below!

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